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VR Stations are our cost-effective solution for Venues to offer VR games, and leverage the draw of VR in their offerings.  Rather than having to spend upwards of $50,000 on a contraption, we install these stations at the ultra-low cost. The stations only require a space of 5X5ft.

Venues offer 100s of our commercially pre-licensed games from 3rd party developers, through our proprietary and simple-to-operate interface.  Operators set gameplay time, while customers can extend gameplay while still in-game, by paying more.
For any venue that wants to earn revenue from the novelty of VR at a price that is so low, there is no barrier for both the venue and the customer - this is the perfect solution.These VR Stations have the FASTEST ROI in Arcade gaming.

Purchases include installation of our equipment, training and on-going support.  We generally recommend 3 or more stations per venue to take advantage of group games.  These stations are being offered exclusively by ManuVR.


What you get when setting up ManuVR Gaming for LAVR Tag & our VR Stations:

- Installation Of The Entire Set Up

- Full Training Of Staff

- Complete data tracking/Operator platforms

- Initial & On-Going Tech Support

- Data Updates & Equipment Upgrades

- Initial & On-Going Marketing 

- Leasing Options/REV Share Available

- Customized solutions to drive traffic to your location with the best pricing World Wide!



We: install, update, upgrade, train staff and even provide tech support for all of the Stations. So even when a NEW Version of a game comes out, or even just a NEW Game in general comes out, we add the changes right to your stations for you, HASSLE FREE!


VR Stations are only $5k each with 15% rev share when you install LAVR TAG so contact us today!


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