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September 7, 2019

LAVR Tag Brings 100-Person Arena-Scale VR Laser Tag to Oculus Quest


Massive fights across sprawling VR battlefields, no backpack or cables required.

When kids in the ‘80s conceptualized “the future” it doubtlessly contained opportunities to run around futuristic gridlines with laser guns in an augmented reality space free of wires or restraints. Flash forward to 2019 and LAVR Tag, a VR version of laser tag just released by MANUVR Entertainment using the Oculus Quest, is giving those ‘80s kids—now adults—a chance to finally live out their dream. 

Sure, the concept of VR laser tag isn’t new; Zero Latency has been prominent among numerous companies that have been coming out with laser tag games in VR Spaces. Yet most games have been limited to 6 players, while LAVR tag supports a complex battle between an impressive 100 players. AI characters are also available to supplement the number of humans you’re playing with.

More significantly, and in line with that Blade Runner-esque fantasy of being fully immersed in the experience and untethered by any pesky reminders that you’re using technology, LAVR Tag is operated using Oculus Quest standalone VR headsets–no backpack or wires required. With arenas being created that incorporate space to physically roam in the many laser tag landscapes and scenarios available, players are able to experience one game across many venues, meeting in the virtual middle.



August 19, 2019

LAVR Tag is the incredible arena-scale laser tag game played with the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest provides an untethered VR experience that, in many ways, can't be delivered through any other headset. The lack of wires or external sensors and the fact that it doesn't require a PC or phone to operate opens it up to liberating VR experiences. Games like SUPERHOT VR and Sports Scramble are incredible on the Quest thanks to the fact that you can run around without any worries of the wires that have historically encumbered VR gaming.

Now, MANUVR Entertainment is taking that to the next level with LAVR Tag, an arena-scale laser tag experience on the Oculus Quest that could be the next big thing if it delivers on its promise.

LAVR Tag combines the Oculus Quest with Azure Spatial Anchors and other technologies to map out entire arenas to create an augmented reality laser tag experience. Up to 100 players can play in one VR environment, and the system can create AI to battle against if there aren't enough players to fill a game. The technology can also communicate with other arenas to have people battle each other from different locations.