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Game Licensing:     

When purchased you start off with a 36 month License which includes:

1. 1 Level/Skin 

2. 36 month on-going tech support

3. Game updates & upgrades (when necessary)

4. 36 Month on-going marketing through numerous ManuVR campaigns

5. In-game operator system with full walk through and tutorials

6. Ability to run game through one tablet (**game license does NOT include tablets, pc's or headsets**)

                vs. LASER TAG

1)   Unlike Laser Tag, players get to use multiple weapons instead of just one gun. i.e. Bazookas, Hand Guns, Laser Guns, Explosives and many more!

2)   Players also get to pick up Shields to aid them in winning, as well as pick up energy packs and other random items throughout each of the various Maps.

3)   With LAVR TAG players do NOT have to wear a heavy “PC Back Pack” and the Headset is not tethered to anything, this is “True FREE Roam” technology with a Pending Patent.

4)   Players get to experience a Variety of different Maps to play in. Jungles, Outer Space and more. Truly an amazing experience every time!

5)   Only need 1 PLAYER TO PLAY! A.I. Can play the empty slots. This saves Venues from having to wait for more players to show up before starting a game.

6)   The best part for the Venues is they do NOT have to OUT-FIT their establishment to make the Laser Tag Arena, with LAVR TAG the headset brings the OUT-FITTING to you! This can save 100s of thousands of dollars and sometimes even millions of dollars.


Arcades everywhere are changing from old technology to our new MANUVR set ups and the Worlds 1st non tethered, no PC/Backpack, 100 player, Free Roam VR Laser Tag (Patent Pending). 

What do we have over ALL of our competition? The answer is a lot. Here's just a few game changers we have that NO ONE else has, not even HoloGate, Zero Latency, Roam Free VR or The Void:


1)   2 - 100 Players per arena

2)   Multi player and Multi venue real time "League Play"

3)   Actual FREE ROAM technology! This is a big deal. With LAVR Tag there is no PC back pack, and even has "Wall and Object" recognition. Others have tried but NONE have been able to break through this VR technology obstacle until now. PC's are a huge hassle, problems always arise and NO one wants to do Tethered if they don't have to. Stop dealing with PC's and tethered VR and step into the FUTURE with ManuVR Entertainment. This is what your customers want and it's finally available in 2019!

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