100% Free Roam, No PC's & up to 100 Players -


LAVR Tag™ is our Virtual Reality Laser Tag game -  fully immersive, untethered, mobile open space and mapped options available.


LAVR Tag can run in any size area including existing laser tag arenas. This game is the first of its kind and provides a solution to venues that requires absolutely no construction, and can effectively replace traditional laser tag with a game that immerses players in other-world environments. 


Players wear untethered wireless VR headsets and the game can run with just 2 players and goes up to 100 Players playing at one time at the same Venue! This makes for the fastest ROI that VR has ever seen. 


We're offering early sales of this game for venues looking to utilize Mobile and Open Space  options, which includes  training and on-going support for 36 months. The game has been developed by Ong Innovations


Open RoamVR

Open RoamVR is the newest tech to hit the market in 2020! Finally land based Venues with anything from a conference room, full arena, or even a Mobile Event truck, can now take advantage of the biggest boom in VR history and with the fastest projected ROI ever! 

Come see us at Trans World 2020 March 18th - 22nd!


OsoreVR is a NEW Haunted House attraction that allows business owners to not only bring their customers something fun and scary, but also allows them to take control over their ROI in new ways as well.

  • 2-100 players makes for the fastest ROI in VR and a great price point

  • Full on multiplayer action, with the ability to play against other Venues

  • Open RoamVR is amazing and a Land Based Experience game changer

  • By placing our VR game in an Open area with no objects, makes installing very easy

  • We have 36 Month game licenses with Tech Support, Updates & Upgrades

  • You can start with any amount of headsets you choose

  • Works in small and very large areas, making it great for any Venue

  • LAVR Tag is the only VR platform able to go to 100 players


"We Make Virtual A Reality"

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